How will you face the Storm?

Journey to a world without power

When Superstorm Nicole hits the entire U.S. eastern seaboard at once, the Eastern Power Grid fails and plunges half of the country into a complete blackout--no power, no phones, and no cellphones. Hospitals, banks, and grocery stores stop running, and chaos rules. Cities are controlled by gangs, and citizens have two choices: leave their homes or fight for what  supplies are left.   

Braving the Storm

Superstorm Nicole has changed life as we know it. With no resolution to the power outage in sight, some people are escaping to the Electricity Zones while others are desperately fighting over any food that's left.

Luckily some people are ready. Four families from Pittsburgh flee the city and join together to live in a cabin in the middle of the forest and try to wait it out. But when IS the power coming back on? What will happen to a recession-era United States when half the country doesn’t have power?

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  "I was surprised by how good this book was. It was very interesting & I learned quite a bit. No military personnel or even ex-military to save the day, just ordinary people helping each other through a terrible crisis."  - Valerie (Goodreads)   

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 "I really loved this book, I loved all the characters....I love how they were all prepared before thing got bad and how they work tighter in  their new environment. I can't wait for the next book." - Karen Maynard (Goodreads)   

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  "Growing up, one of my favorite books I read in school was a book called My Side of the Mountain. It was about a boy who ran away from home and ended up surviving on his own in the wilderness, learning various techniques necessary to live off the land.     

Braving the Storm takes that concept to whole new level.     

It tells a dystopian tale of a group of folks who get together and are  forced to rely on themselves and others to survive in a country filled  with chaos after a massive power failure collapses the economy. It does it in a way that is not only interesting, but also firmly based in  reality. You quickly realize that this could easily happen today.     

A powerful storm rolls across the eastern U.S. coast, not only knocking  out power in the "Storm Zone" states, but also causing a domino effect  failure all across the entire Eastern half of the country. With no power, supplies run dry, businesses fall apart, communication halts, and all the perks people take for granted suddenly disappear.     

The main characters make up an ensemble of friends that have a Plan B in case of catastrophic emergency, and quickly work to establish a place  they can live when everything starts to crumble. They are well written and very likeable. Each of them brings something to the table in a time  when skills matter most.     

One of my favorite things about this  book is the way the author sprinkles in chapters of events that are  concurrently happening elsewhere in the country. It brings to light the very many ways everything in society is connected, and how a blackout of  this size truly affects people everywhere.     

This is a great start to a series from a fresh new author. I am very excited for the next book." (Amazon)

Facing the Storm

They escaped Pittsburgh before it became a war zone and are adjusting to life without electricity. Between their survival skills and bartering at Old Bill's Trading Post, they should be ready to wait out the winter.   

Not everyone else in the community is ready, though. While the Slippery Rock Militia scrambles to gather enough food and supplies to keep their people alive throughout the winter, others plan to take what they need at any cost. When desperation sets in, will the community choose  teamwork or greed?

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 β€œJennifer Brooks’ Facing the Storm reveals the heart of a disemboweled society. When all has been lost, what will one do to survive?” - Cheryl E. Rodriguez   

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  β€œFacing the Storm by Jennifer Brooks is full of characters who represent the best and the worst of all of us. You’ll definitely find  someone that you can relate to and you’ll be left turning the pages and  trying to figure out just what is going to happen next.” - Samantha Dewitt (Rivera)    

🌟🌟🌟🌟  β€œFilling this second book in The Storm Series up with extensive  backstories for different characters, Jennifer Brooks builds to one super showdown at the end. Any doomsday prepper out there will love it.”  - Benjamin Ookami    

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  β€œFacing the Storm is a very deep and very well-constructed novel. Jennifer Brooks showed the true nature of what happens when people are desperate enough.” - Rabia Tanveer    

🌟🌟🌟🌟  β€œWhat Facing the Storm really brings home is that one disaster can have startling implications and a domino effect, where one thing happens that impacts another and, before people realize it, civilized life has come to a halt.” - Marta Tandori

Want a sample?

Braving the Storm

"Susan used to love the fall before the Blackout. Pumpkin-flavored everything, hay rides with the family, finding fun costumes for the kids, bonfires with friends and hot apple cider, the comfort of wearing her favorite sweater after months of having it stored away. Now, the yellow and oranges and reds of the trees were a warning, the crisp bite of chill in the air a knife cutting at her. The world was dying. Soon the plants would hibernate until spring, and the animals would go into hiding against the winter’s wrath. The time of hunting, foraging, and gardening was going to end soon. Survival season was about to begin."

Facing the Storm

"She was both relieved and disappointed to find that nothing was different, at least not on the back roads they took to get to the junk yard. The trees still bared their dark branches against the gray, winter sky, and the roads were still paved and free of debris and vehicles. Even her brief glimpses at the highway, with which they traveled parallel, seemed like nothing but a desolate road. On these country roads it was almost as if nothing had happened. She almost felt as if none of the dreadful descriptions she’d heard on the radio were real, as if nothing had actually changed. Maybe they’d just dreamt this whole thing up and could go back to their home in Sewickley right now. 

Then she saw the skeleton."